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This poll is to get to know our visitors a little bit better, is what we wrote when we launched our first poll: Which is you favorite mahjong variant?

Of course, it’s just a little game. The poll can hardly be called scientific, and – if you wait a given number of hours – you can vote as many times as you like. It confirms what we expected of our visitors. Though – in that way the outcome is yet interesting.

96 visitors filled in the poll. That’s to say: 96 votes were cast, since after a given amount of time you can vote again. Most people who filled in the poll (47 votes; 46 percent) filled in riichi mahjong as their favorite type of mahjong. Runner-up was MCR (Mahjong Competition Rules) with 23 votes (24 percent). A bit surprising, since the number of MCR players in Europe is much larger than the number of European riichi players. Apparently, more people from outside Europe filled in the poll. On the other hand: maybe lately Mahjong News has written quite some articles about riichi, which may have attracted riichi players. And, never forget: the number of people who actually fill in the poll is quite low compared to the total number of visitors of Mahjong News and can hardly be called representative.

Smaller amounts of visitors (14, 14,6 percent) voted for Italian mahjong. Also a bit surprising. Even in Italy, the number of active players of this variant is dropping fast, since the Italians tend to move to MCR. Smaller amounts of visitors choose American Mah-Jongg (6 votes, 6,3 percent) and Chinese Classical (4 votes, 4,2 percent).

Our new poll has been postponed because of problems with the software package. But we surely will come back with a new one - soon! 


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