COPENHAGEN - Revised EMA riichi rules are ready. The rules will go into effect April 1, 2016.

Playing in the World Mind Sport Games.

SANYA - The big test in Sanya City was the Mahjong International League's demonstration of mahjong as a mind sport, not just for MCR style, but any style, to include Japanese riichi, Sichuan "Battle to the Bloody End" and others, and the word is, mahjong has demonstrated itself worthy of designation as a mind sport.


Lightening has struck the tower!

ORLANDO, Florida - Lurking in the dreary lobby of the haunted Hollywood Tower Hotel Tower of Terror ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studios lays dormant a terrifying game of unfinished mahjong. Its participants fled following a mysterious lighting strike at exact 8:05 PM October 31st 1939 that vanished several unfortunate guests.


The author and his children at the portal to the Temple of Heaven.

BEIJING, China - Mahjong News is in China, the birthplace of mahjong, enroute to Sanya City for the World Mahjong Sport Games. 

The Rules Director for the WSOM, Alan Kwan.

HONG KONG - Behind the scenes of the World Series of Mahjong toils it's rules creator, Mr. Alan Kwan. Mahjong News catches up with Mr. Kwan to learn more about the origins of the regulations guiding this international event.