Red Coin Mah Jong 7th Edition, Shanghai Water by Dee Gallo, #4 of 40.

The mahjong sets she makes, cost up to one thousand US dollar and more. But don’t worry about that, the sets that Dee Gallo makes, are sold out almost before she has finished them. A talk with Dee Gallo, creator of the wildly successful limited edition mahjong sets from Red Coin Mah Jong. Scott Miller, author of ‘Mahjong from A to Zhú’, reports for Mahjong News.

The Mahjong Museum in Chiba, Japan.

The Mahjong Museum in Chiba, Japan has closed down. Martin Rep remembers his visit to the museum in 2002. 

Takunori Kajimoto

An exclusive interview with Kajimoto, one of the bridgeheads of mahjong in Japan. In which he tells about his education, his career, mahjong tactics - and about his dreams.

Mahjong set by Chi Wing Lo.

KUALA LUMPUR – Australian furniture distributor ‘Space Furniture’ has made a great impression on the international design world by launching a showroom in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s dazzling capital, which was recently opened. Mahjong lovers who walked around at the big opening, were delighted by the mahjong set, designed by Hong Kong born top designer Chi Wing Lo.

Tom Sloper (right) playing in a mahjong parlor in Tokyo, 2002.

In the late 1990's, I had this e-mail interview with Tom Sloper. At the time he was still working at Activision. For this company, he made (amongst many others) Shanghai: Dynasty and Shanghai: Second Dynasty, two of the finest pieces of mahjong software ever written; unfortunately, both are now discontinued games. Tom now teaches mahjong on several places in the USA and he is considered the 'internet mahjong guru'. Although he did not found it (the webmaster of Mahjong News claims that he did that himself) he is more or less the moderator of the internet mahjong usenet group.