Mahjong set by Chi Wing Lo.

KUALA LUMPUR – Australian furniture distributor ‘Space Furniture’ has made a great impression on the international design world by launching a showroom in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s dazzling capital, which was recently opened. Mahjong lovers who walked around at the big opening, were delighted by the mahjong set, designed by Hong Kong born top designer Chi Wing Lo.

The set in its box.

Space’s brand partners amplified their presence in the spacious new KL showroom by ferrying in fresh new objects of desire that kept fashionable guests ogling long after the cava stopped flowing. The 40,000 sq ft contemporary space combine the charm of an old villa, a conservation shop house and an ultra-modern glass block all housing the latest concepts by top furniture designers of the world. The showroom sets the tone for a larger spectrum of luxury design offerings. 

Impressive new designs included the artfully crafted FA’I’ mahjong set by designer Chi Wing Lo. Presented by long-time Space collaborator, Giorgetti, the design of the FA’I’ emerges as a refreshed take on the traditional game set, making it a must-have for the perceptive collector with a keen eye for details, according to the internet design website

The mahjong set is for sale at Giorgetti dealers for €3,900 (USD 4,850). The table that comes with it, is priced for €3,500 (USD4,350).

Chi Wing Lo

Chi Wing Lo

Born in Hong Kong in 1954, Chi Wing Lo studied architecture at the University of Toronto and Harvard University. Subsequently, he taught at Syracuse University N.Y. and later was a member at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart in 1991. Presently, he has a practice with Panagiota Davladi based in Athens. Many of their architectural and design works have been awarded, exhibited, and published internationally.

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