EMA General Assembly 2017 in session

PÓVOA DE VARZIM, Portugal - A few weeks ago, during the Open European Mahjong Championship 2017 in Póvoa de Varzim, the European Mahjong Association (EMA) called a General Assembly (GA). The General Assembly is the highest authority of the European Mahjong Association, convening once every two years. This afternoon the report on this event was published on the EMA site.

A few snippets of information were so spectacular they reached the outer walls of the Póvoa Casino minutes after the Assembly ended, for instance the election of Luc Humbert as President of the EMA (Tina Christensen is now our Vice President). And the Dutch were ecstatic to find out their proposal to host the ERMC2019 was accepted. But there were a number of subjects on which no information was revealed until now. A small and incomplete summary (the report itself can be read here):

- The way the MERS tournament rank is determinated is going to change as of the first of January 2018 (per request of Italy a special committee was formed during the previous GA). The New Ranking will be composed of two parts. The first part (Part A) is an average of 5 tournaments played in the last two years and 80% of the remaining tournaments (rounded up). The second part (Part B) is an average of the 4 best results (base rank) during the last two years. The New Ranking = 50% Part A + 50% Part B. All information can be found here.

- The MCR Rules committee is restarted! The question arises if there will be updates on the MERS Tournament Regulations of 2010.

- The Italians may or may not host the World Mahjong Championship 2019 (MCR). Apparently the World Mahjong Organisation hasn't communicated a clear decision on this subject. Yet.

-  The Russian Federation has been granted three additional RERS and MERS tournaments. Mahjong News very own Vitaly Novikov has been instrumental in making this happen. Not only did he write an article exposing the problem of Russian's 'abandonned players' ("Through the Looking Glass" can be read here), he also wrote and presented the proposal before the GA. The addition of these tournaments will undoubtedly lead to an increase of Russian players charging the EMA ranking lists!


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