Snapshot of the current simulation of the riichi ranking

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - As approved by the General Assembly last June, the Mahjong European Ranking System (MERS) will radically change on New Year's day 2018 as a result of a new calculation method.

Unlike the previous method, the new calculation model takes several charactaristics of the event into account, for instance the number of rounds played, the number of participating players, the number of participating countries and the need to qualify for European or World Championships. Furthermore only tournaments played in the last two years will contribute to the new ranking system. Detailed information can be found on the EMA website.

Since the majority of national mahjong organizations make use of the Mahjong European Ranking System to determine which player(s) will defend their country's honor and flag in upcoming European and World Championships, the New Ranking will have a tremendous impact. The new method strongly encourages players to keep participating in MERS tournaments, in an effort to at least solidify their position in the ranking. With only three MERS tournaments (per mahjong style) assigned per year per EMA member organization, players who are able to participate in foreign certified events might have an advantage over players who are not as fortunate.


Even though the New Ranking doesn't come into effect for six months, the EMA has published an up-to-date simulation of the individual rankings. 

Star player Mateusz Woźniak still dominates the new riichi ranking. Ad van der Linden, Henrik Leth, Seyu Sun and Freddy Christiansen keep their top-10 positions, while Lukas Puschman, Alexander Schuler and all Russian players (Ivan Martynov, Filipp Trocenko and Vladimir Bogdanov) drop out of the top-10. New comers Daina Chiba, John Kuijpers and Peter Langford witness a minor improvement, while Marek Wakuluk and Waldemar Laube are catapulted into the top seats.

The complete riichi ranking can be found here.

The MCR ranking displays minor adjustments with seven players keeping their top-10 spot. Raúl Ríos Navarro remains ranked number one. Doris Sallmutter, Isabel Bahiano Steenholm, Matthieu Pfeiffer, Cyrille Rak, Alexander Bogatikov and Héctor Escaso Gil play musical chairs, while Judith Ravel, Shi Hua Chen Kold and David Gérard Auro drop out. Francesco Martini, Marco Montibelli and Aleksey Sphilman make their entry in the top-10.

The complete MCR ranking can be viewed here.


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