Cheers! Martin Rep (background) and, next to him, his wife Dicky enjoying the new mahjong table with Ria and Jelte Rep, who, back in the nineteen-nineties, taught them mahjong.

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands - For Dutch riichi mahjong player Martin Rep, playing dark mahjong games has come to an end. Whether day or night, from now on he can always choose his favorite mahjong set without having to bother about light conditions. Thanks to LED strips which provide beautiful floodlight on the tiles. Martin had the strips built in his new mahjong table which local furniture maker Bas Vijn constructed especially for him.

“My old mahjong table, which I had bought in a Chinese shop in Amsterdam, had worn out after some ten years”, Martin says. “So I decided it was time for a new one – and now a really good one.”

The tiles of the ‘Outlaws of the Marsh’ set, with its thin an precise linings, are easy to be distinguished, even when you use mahjong racks.

Martin never cared much about automatic mahjong tables. “I have no space for a similar table in my living. Most automatic tables are rather ugly. And I like to shuffle tiles manually, especially after a lost game. Then I need a couple of minutes to recover. Aggressively shuffling tiles helps in that process.”

Let there be LEDs

What Martin really needed, was better light on the mahjong tiles in his hand. “The lamp above the table only takes care on the surface, and casts shadows on the upright tiles just in front of you. Of course, you can switch on additional light sources. But what I really liked, was the idea of the tiles being lit by the table itself.”

Bas Vijn solved this problem by building in light strips in the edges of the table. This results in a soft light, right on the tiles. Even players who use mahjong racks benefit from it.

Soft light on the black tiles, which can finally be used during the dark season.

Martin: “And the best news is that I can finally use my Japanese black set whenever I want. Until now, we could only use it when we played outside, in bright sunlight. These dark days are over.”

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  • This is the best mahjonginvention of 2017!
    Love it Martin.:)
    Have a lot of fun playing mahjong on this table!
    Greetings, Wil

  • Guest - Martin Rep

    Guest - Wil Meijer-Kal

    Thank you Wil! Feel free to drop in for a game whenever you feel like it. Your brother Harry made Suu Ankou on it the other day, so I suppose it's a lucky table as well. For certain people, that is ;-)

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