Scott Miller enjoying his favorite past-time and obsession.

AMARILLO, Texas - Scott Miller commenting on his decision to pass the proverbial torch as editor-in-chief of Mahjong News: "Me, personally, I have immensely enjoyed being editor-in-chief of Mahjong these past five years, and have made innumerable new friends in the process".

The readership has grown tremendously under Scott's watch, with the Facebook group growing from just over one hundred followers to now just under a thousand, and the website readership growing by the same proportions, greatly expanding its readership beyond its European origins. "Likewise, it has brought me great pleasure to help bring the mahjong community up as well, sponsoring through Mahjong News a multitude of international championships. It's been wonderful to be a part of this growth, carrying on the tradition of mahjong Martin Rep began when he founded Mahjong News in 1997."

Scott notes that at the same time, his personal situation has increased in tempo, mostly in good ways, with his children getting older and increasing in extra-curricular activities, and his business growing as well. All things that deserve and compete for his time and attention. "If I am to be fair and right by Mahjong News, I need to think about what is best for the institution, above my own personal desires. After more than months of consternating and deliberating over this decision, as much as I love being the editor in chief, the time is right for a successor."

In short, Scott has decided that it seems like the right time for his term as chief to end, with Nicole Haasbroek being his heir apparent. She has been a tremendous contributor to Mahjong News, with exuberant enthusiasm. Beyond her article contributions, she is well recognized as being an outstanding mahjong player, even being noted as the #1 European riichi mahjong participant. When it was inquired as to her level of interest in taking over as editor in chief, she announced this is a role she is excited to take up.

"I would like to assure the mahjong community that I'm still going to be very much involved, just not as chief." Scott has noted he still very much enjoys mahjong and Mahjong News, and it is with a mixed and heavy heart that he passes this torch on. You will still see his contributions, as it is his plan to stay involved as a consulting editor to Mahjong News.

Mahjong News: Any closing words to this announcement?

Scott Miller: To all my loyal readers and good friends from around the mahjong table and the world, may the tiles be with you.