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ONLINE - Yesterday the Tenhou extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox were updated with an additional user interface in French.

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POZNAN, Poland - Finally the highly anticipated app 'Mahjong Tracker' is available to the public. Keeping score during hanchan has never been so easy.


BEIJING, China - It's being reported that the ancient Chinese game of mahjong could possibly be included in the sporting program of the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games. But Chen Zelan, president of International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) played down the rumors here on Thursday, saying it remains a remote possibility at the moment, since mahjong has not yet been recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Chen said that the IMSA is making efforts for the Olympic recognition of mind sports, yet they still have to do more to achieve this goal. She added that mahjong now is not officially recognized as a sport even in China.

[Mahjong News Editor's note: In January of 1998, the State Sports Commission of China officially recognized mahjong designating it as the 255th sport].

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Two zones of Russia.

MOSCOW, Russia - It's unthinkable and overwhelming. The newest issue of Russian tournament riichi players ranking list (RRR) presents as many as 512 (!) players (see RRR_20170801). There is a riichi boom in Russia. No doubt this is part of the reason the last EMA General Assembly in Portugal granted additional MERS / RERS tournaments for Eastern (Asian) part of Russia for the zone named "Siberia".

CHENGDU, China - To cope with a heatwave currently sweeping through parts of China, some people in Chengdu city have been playing mahjong in a river.

Photos of the people in the city, in China's south-western Sichuan province, have been posted online by Chinese media outlets and on social media, prompting amusement from netizens.

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Learn more about the Masters of Mahjong project at their official website here.

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HONG KONG - A cleaner was jailed for eight months by a Hong Kong court on Tuesday for helping strangers enter a mahjong school in Yau Ma Tei to cheat customers.

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CHONGQING, China - Mahjong cards have existed for a long time. Yet, the ‘Chongqing Morning Post’ claims that advertising designer Wang Kai has come up with a pack of mahjong cards that is lighter and cheaper than the traditional tile version of the game. Wang hopes to make money by cutting the cost and equipment involved in playing mahjong.