Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan signs one of many bills Thursday in Annapolis. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland, USA  - Maryland’s governor has signed a bill that would legalize some home poker games. House Bill 127, one of many bills signed into law Thursday by Gov. Larry Hogan (R), permits “a home game involving wagering” if “limited to mahjong or a card game.”

Loretta Alessandrini, a 72-year-old resident of Annapolis’s Heritage Harbour, was part of a letter-writing campaign to support the bill. She said police “begrudgingly” busted Heritage Harbour’s $4 mahjong game last year after a resident who lost $20 snitched.

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Still from the Bangkok Post video.

TOKYO, Japan - Japanese companies looking to hire college graduates pit them against each other at the mahjong tables. A video about this is published on the website of Bangkok Post.

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CHENGDU, China - A teacher in China has invented a new mahjong game that is designed to teach students English. Tian Jingyun, headmaster of the Jitou Middle School in Chengdu, in southwest China’s Sichuan province, created the game which replaces the symbols and numbers on the tiles of the traditional ancient Chinese game with English letters.

SYDNEY, Australia - A mahjong club has been ordered to pay more than $415,000 (313,000 USD, 28,000 euro) in damages after reducing a full-time worker's hours to part-time after he made a workers' compensation claim.


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KUNMING, China - A woman taking part in a giant mahjong game yesterday in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province in south-west China.


SAN DIEGO, CA, USA - Mahjong Time, an industry leading provider of online multiplayer Mahjong software and turnkey solutions, and Blastworks, Inc., a Seattle-based creator, publisher, and distributor of free-to-play casual games, are joining forces to re-launch an exciting new experience on

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Altamonte Springs, Florida - Four elderly ladies were playing a peaceful game of mahjong in their private Escondido Condominium clubhouse in Altamonte Springs, Florida, when a nosy neighbor called in a police raid citing illegal gambling, breaking up the gobsmacked grandmas.

KOBE, Japan - Officials in the Japanese city of Kobe have unanimously voted to ban mahjong and slot machines at elderly care centres, amid fears of fuelling gambling addictions.

TOKYO, Japan, - Co., Ltd., makers of online mahjong server Tenhou, have released a developing beta version of the popular riichi mahjong platform, and have indicated that this may be the first version of to translate into English