TAOYUAN, China (ECNS) -- A man swept in more than 200,000 yuan ($3,1357.8) during a half-month mahjong gambling by using a pair of special contact lenses, according to Xiaoxiang Morning News.

The 31-year-old from Taoyuan county, Changde city of Hunan province, initially appeared at a local teahouse. He often invited girls whom he got to know via WeChat and played mahjong with them. Later he made acquaintance with more people.

He usually booked a mahjong room in advance, then replaced the pieces with his own special parts, specially marked on the back.

With special lenses purchased online, he could identify each special piece.

To avoid suspicion, he did not play mahjong with the same person more than three times and would occasionally lose on purpose.

With more than 20 local people having lost to him, the game soon became a major source of income.

The police detected his special contact lenses during a crackdown on gambling.

On Sept. 22, the man was prosecuted on suspicion of fraud by the local people's procuratorate


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