Wangs mahjong cards are made ready for shipment.

CHONGQING, China - Mahjong cards have existed for a long time. Yet, the ‘Chongqing Morning Post’ claims that advertising designer Wang Kai has come up with a pack of mahjong cards that is lighter and cheaper than the traditional tile version of the game. Wang hopes to make money by cutting the cost and equipment involved in playing mahjong.

“With the cards”, he says, “any group of four people can get together in almost any place to play a game for free.”
Wang says he is a fan of the game and hit on the idea while going to mahjong houses to play. The houses were always crowded and players had to pay a fee to sit down at a table.
The cards are easy to carry and could help players save money, says Wang.

According to the website Associated Press, ‘poker mahjong’ has now been patented. Someone should even has offered 500,000 yuan ($72,534) for the idea.



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