MOSCOW, Russia - It's unthinkable and overwhelming. The newest issue of Russian tournament riichi players ranking list (RRR) presents as many as 512 (!) players (see RRR_20170801). There is a riichi boom in Russia. No doubt this is part of the reason the last EMA General Assembly in Portugal granted additional MERS / RERS tournaments for Eastern (Asian) part of Russia for the zone named "Siberia".

Some statistics

Ranking list is compiled of all players who participated in at least one 12+ players offline riichi tournament for the last three years no matter which specifically version of riichi rules has been used (EMA, JPML-A, JPML-B, local sub-sets). Altogether 81 tournaments have been accounted: 53 club tournaments, 9 RERS played in Russia and other 19 RERS tournament with participation of Russian players abroad. Average participation of 25 players per tournament in Russia is quite comparable with European standards.

As for geography, 80% of all players live in 20 bigger cities of Russia, 20% come from another 20 smaller cities. 60% live in Western part of Russia. 40% -- in Eastern. Only 1/3 of all players had a chance to play in RERS tournaments, they are listed in a table with ID's starting with "1599", the rest 2/3 have ID's starting with "RUS". Though the things will change very soon since the first in "Siberia" zone RERS tournament will take place on August 12-13, 2017 in Novosibirsk ("Siberia Cup 2017").


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  • Guest - Flydragon

    In next time come to 2 Riichi Tournament in Russia, but total 61 Player. Where are the 439 Players?

  • Flydragon, other players are in RUSSIA and NOT in 1 or 2 cities. Article says that on a rough count 400 players live in 20 cities, from 10+ in smaller one to 50+ in Moscow or Saint-Petersburg.

  • Guest - Teru

    but how many of them are playing because they are a weeb like me?

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