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ONLINE - Yesterday the Tenhou extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox were updated with an additional user interface in French.

For the last six months riichi players who were hesitant to participate in games on Tenhou because of the language barrier, could resort to the Tenhou extensions for Chrome and Firefox, which enabled them to change the user interface text of the Tenhou HTML5 Web Client from Japanese to English. Users were given four options, each with an increasing degree of translation: 'untranslated', 'romaji' (English), 'EMA-like' (English), and 'Thorough' (All the EMA terms and more - English).

French interface

Both extensions underwent major updates to make the most popular online riichi platform more accessible by allowing users to choose an additional interface in French. Thanks to the efforts of TrollOfNova (aka Grant Mahoney, "wandering riichi player and terminology guru") Canadian and French riichi enthusiasts can now opt for either 'Français minimum' or 'Français maximum'.

The extensions can be downloaded here (Chrome) and here (Firefox). After installing players should head to to see the result.


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