Daina Chiba during social play at 'So Restaurant' in London, August 2017 (photography by Jamie Grant)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - A few hours ago 'Mahjong Denmark' announced on social media Daina Chiba, author of "Riichi Book I: A Mahjong Strategy Primer for European Players", will be conducting a strategy seminar on April 14-15 in Copenhagen. The event is open to all interested parties, however at the moment just eight seats are reserved for non-Danish attendees.

Following the example set by Polish 'Haneman Hunters' the crew from Copenhagen has invited Chiba to give a lecture, promising participants to cover many interesting topics for both beginners and advanced players. Similar to the Bielawa seminar there will be room for discussions and 'open hand' sessions. More details on the program will be disclosed in the months to come. Currently sixteen spots are reserved for members of the Danish mahjong league leaving eight spots available to non-members. In the event of high demand more seats will be made available to foreign players, but 'Mahjong Denmark' urges interested parties to sign up as soon as possible.

Practical info: 

Date: April 14-15 2018

Location: Sigynsgade 48, 2200 Copenhagen, Denmark

Entry fee: 100 DK (13 Euro) for members of 'Mahjong Denmark'; 200 DK (27 Euro) for non-members. Light lunch, snacks, coffee/tea and drinks included.

Registration: email Mrs. Sheila Hansen: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Daina Chiba lecturing in Bielawa (POL), July 2017


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