BIELAWA, Poland - The organizing committee of the upcoming "Dragon Owl Riichi Contest 2018" (RERS) announced on their tournament website a bonus event:  Daina Chiba will be leading a two-day riichi strategy seminar on August 16-17.

Marek 'Krabman' Wakuluk, president of Bielawa based riichi mahjong club 'Haneman Hunters', was the first to ask mahjong scholar Daina Chiba to lead a riichi strategy seminar in conjunction with the 2017 edition of their annual "Dragon Owl Riichi Contest" ("DORC"). The opportunity to attend a lecture by the author of "Riichi Book I: A Strategy Primer for European Players" attracted both Polish and non-Polish players, all eager to improve their skills. The event, which was recorded, was a huge success and inspired 'Mahjong Denmark' to invite Chiba to Copenhagen to conduct yet another seminar on April 14-15, 2018.

An hour ago the crew from Bielawa announced interested parties can enjoy hearing Chiba lecture for the second time on Polish soil on August 16-17, 2018 at the local library at an event coined "The Daina Experience". Generous sponsors ensure attendance is free of charge. At this moment no further information on the program or schedule has been disclosed.


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