PONT-CHÂTEAU, France - The crew from MCR mahjong club 'West Castle' in Pont-Château in North-Western France understands the importance of visibility when it comes to promoting their club and the game of mahjong: tomorrow the first broadcast of an EMA certified MCR tournament will premiere on Twitch, the world's leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts.

Over the past few years several crews tried to mimic established tv networks broadcasting mahjong matches, and with great success; e.g. participants of the last two editions of the "Bratislava Open" (RERS) were invited to play on camera, and the "Marseille Open 2017" (RERS) made headlines when the final table was streamed. Excellent running commentary during these tournaments by respected members of our riichi community heightened the viewer's experience.

'West Castle', presided over by Christophe Geffriaud, is the first to stream an EMA certified MCR tournament in an effort to catch up with the riichi crews. One table per session of their "West Castle Tournament 2018" (MERS) will be broadcast. While two fixed cameras provide an overview of the table, including one allowing a more detailed view of the hand of one of the four players, spectators can listen to soothing instrumental music.

Tune in on the 'West Castle' Twitch channel on Saturday May 19th at 9:45 AM CET for four sessions and Sunday May 20th at 8:35 AM CET for three sessions of MCR.

LIVE ranking will be provided by Eric Desbenoit's 'My Mahjong Company' (scores per table added manually after each session).


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