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CHINESE TAIPEI - Earlier today Wenlong Li, General Secretary of 'Mahjong International League' ('MIL'), issued a press release by email stating the second edition of the "World Mahjong Mind Games", formerly known as "World Mahjong Sports Games", will be hosted in Taipei from 17 to 25 November, 2018.

Even though Mr. Li announced at the award ceremony of the "MCR Open Danish Championship 2018" in May the second iteration would take place in Suzhou on August 4-12, 'MIL' was unfortunately unable to obtain the final signed agreements with the local partners and sponsors in Suzhou in time.

Under the guidance of the 'International Mind Sports Association' main-host 'MIL' and co-host 'Chinese Taipei Mahjong Association' will invite players to compete in three Individual Events following 'MIL''s official international rules, including MCR (Mahjong Competition Rules), SBR (Sichuan Bloody Rules) and RCR (Riichi Competition Rules), and one Team Duplicate Event following MCR. Players can also look forward to exhibition events of more local rules. Several individual and team qualifiers for the MCR and riichi competitions have been scheduled upcoming July and August in Taipei and Beijing.

Mr. Li concludes his statement by drawing attention to 'MIL''s goals: "Promoting Mahjong not only cultural exchange but also skilled competition among different communities; promoting Mahjong as a real mind sports all over the world, finally to the Olympic Games; promoting Mahjong as a modern sport to bring more benefits to the players; and providing a world-wide platform for all partners to achieve wins."

More information regarding tournament location, schedule, and activities will be available in one month's time.

Update June 19: 'MIL' published an official statement on their website.


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