BADEN - The video which Sjef Strik, correspondent of Mahjong News, shot during the OEMC 2009, is published on YouTube. It contains scenes from the opening ceremony, the start of the tournament, the night at the trotting course and the award ceremony. From Sjefs numerous shots, the staff of MahjongNews compiled a nine-minutes documentary.

The OEMC 2009 players during the Baden heatwave.

BADEN (Vienna), Austria - An interview with the main organizers of the OEMC 2009 at Baden: Otto Myslivec and Norbert Tschinkel. ‘All the people who participated at Baden, have enjoyed it very much.’ But the Chinese who did come, were not exactly the stars the organizers had hoped for.

The award ceremony: from left Luca Gavelli, Koji Idota, (Martin Hoffman), Bo Lang.

BADEN (Austria) - Just like in 2005 in the Netherlands, a Japanese player has won the Open European Mahjong Championship. Koji Idota was the best player at Baden. Three players had the same number of table points as the new champion: Bo Lang from Switzerland, who was the runner-up, Luca Gavelli from Italy, who won the third prize, and Sune Gjeding Thomson from Denmark.

The third Open European Mahjong Championship is over. For the 152 contestants, and for Sjef Strik, correspondent of Mahjong News. Today the seventh, and last episode of his Baden diary. Including a ‘bizar incident’.