Tournament hall of the OEMC 2011 in the Laguna Palace Hotel.

MESTRE - Dutch mahjong player Adrie van Geffen has calculated the country ranking of the OEMC, based on the average number of table points.

Top-3 of the OEMC 2011.

MESTRE, Italy - MESTRE - The final classification of the 4th Open European Mahjong Championship.

Jeppe Stig Nielsen showing the Danish filling cards.

MESTRE - Danish player Jeppe Stig Nielsen tells about the ‘scientific approach’ of the Danes how to analyse opponents.

Ildikó Hargitai writing down the scores.

MESTRE - Ildikó Hargitai from Hungary was a most remarkable winner of the 4th Open European Mahjong Championship. Until some years ago, she was hardly noticed during tournaments. But over the last year, she started playing better and better. 

M. Foschi

Does the OEMC2011 still have value now that there will be no Chinese delegation, and the Hungarians backed out since they cannot afford the tournament? What does FIMJ say about the critics the event being too expensive? What is this FIMJ in the first place? A talk with Marco Foschi, president of the Italian mahjong federation, on the eve of the OEMC: “In Venice we have a location for the tournament which is unique in the world.”