Nicole Haasbroek at the "World Riichi Championship 2017" in Las Vegas

BADEN, Austria - Alexander Doppelhofer has calculated cumulative player performance in European tournaments throughout 2017, and Nicole Haasbroek from the Netherlands has emerged as the #1 European player of the year, followed by Ilya Monakov of Russia, and Lukasz Grzybowski of Poland.

Dominik Hammerl

BADEN (Vienna), Austria - The Mahjong News Riichi Ranking as of June 18, 2018: Austrian Dominik Hammerl is still in the lead, followed by Dutch Ans Hoogland in second position, while her fellow countryman Ad van der Linden makes his return to the top three.

John Kuijpers

COPENHAGEN, Denmark  - John Kuijpers from the Netherlands stays 1st in EMA-Riichi Ranking.