Top-three at Alphen: Bruggink, Rep, Schilte.

ALPHEN / Rhine, the Netherlands - Jelte Rep is one of the founding fathers of organized mahjong in the Netherlands. Not alone did he write several books about his favorite pastime, he also designed the first Excel spreadsheets to keep up the scores easier during tournaments, he organized a number of tournaments in his residence Hilversum (the Dutch ‘Radio City’), he teaches mahjong at the ‘Peoples University’ and he was an important source of inspiration for the founding of the Dutch Mahjong League.

But not until today at the Dutch town of Alphen, Mr. Rep (now 76), won an official tournament. Of course in his favorite type mahjong, Dutch Tournament Rules, the local variant of the old-fashioned classical Chinese game. He was the number one player after four sessions of the ‘Green Heart Tournament’. This tournament, by the way, was organized by the Green Heart Mahjong Club, which was founded at the little town of Alphen aan den Rijn, after ‘Dr. Mahjong’ had given a mahjong course to the local mahjong enthusiasts. “A special occasion indeed”, said Jelte after the tournament.

Runner-up was Patricia Schilte, third prize went to Dennis Bruggink. In the tournament, 36 players competed, all from the Netherlands.

Final Results of the Green Heart Tournament (Dutch Tournament Rules, No MERS), Alphen


Place Name Points
1 Jelte Rep 11.386
2 Patricia Schilte 9.300
3 Dennis Bruggink 8.702
4 Janet Visser 7.708
5 Franca de Vos 7.479
6 Dirk Dekema 5.124
7 Charlotte Tielrooij 4.348
8 Dennis Boekstaaf 4.194
9 Joost van Doorne 4.020
10 Koen van Dijk 3.808
11 Ria Rep 3.548
12 Gerrit Kragt 1.268
13 Annemie Verhoeven 692
14 Jacqueline Honing 420
15 Joop van Doorne 238
16 Lydeke Koppier -29
17 Conny van den Berg -746
18 Gemma de Bruijn -866
19 Simone Davis -1.455
20 Wilma Engelsma -1.614
21 Cor Zwaan -1.665
22 Jan Keevel -1.728
23 Lieneke van Raay -2.302
24 Jenneke Kragt -2.507
25 Jans de Heij -2.720
26 Caroline Warmerdam -2.820
27 Albert de Bakker -2.880
28 Pauline Brouwer -3.792
29 Marcel Tjon-A-Sam -4.670
30 Hans Westgeest -4.702
31 Monique Westgeest -5.676
32 Koos van Praag -5.862
33 Peter den Hartog -6.132
34 Jelle Duinsbergen -6.450
35 Onno Kiviet -6.599
36 Annemiek Rabs -7.020


Mahjong book by Jelte Rep

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  • Guest - Martin Rep

    Great job, Jelte! Proud to be your younger brother!

  • Well done Jelte! Congratulations on your well earned victory. See you at our fellowship.

  • Guest - Dirk Dekema

    Congratulations Jelte. It is hard to believe this is the first tournament that you won. But therefore you deserve it all the more!

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