(from left) Sandra van den Berkt (2nd), Jeroen Meijer (1st), Eileen Kruize (3rd) (photo credit: Koen van Dijk)

HILVERSUM, The Netherlands - Jeroen Meijer convincingly wins the nineteenth edition of the infamous "White Dragon Tournament" scoring 19,604 points, followed by Sandra van den Berkt with 11,660 points, while Eileen Kruize finishes third scoring 10,966 points. Jelle Duinsbergen, victor of the 2017 edition, strands at the number eight spot.

'Dr. Mahjong' proudly showing his trophy.

ALPHEN / Rhine, the Netherlands - Jelte Rep is one of the founding fathers of organized mahjong in the Netherlands. Not alone did he write several books about his favorite pastime, he also designed the first Excel spreadsheets to keep up the scores easier during tournaments, he organized a number of tournaments in his residence Hilversum (the Dutch ‘Radio City’), he teaches mahjong at the ‘Peoples University’ and he was an important source of inspiration for the founding of the Dutch Mahjong League. But not until today at the town of Alphen, Mr. Rep (now 76), won an official tournament. Of course in his favorite type mahjong, Dutch Tournament Rules, the local variant of the old-fashioned classical Chinese game.