Day 1 Report

CHENGDU - The 1st World Grand Prix of Bloody Mahjong is under way in Chengdu, and after the qualifiers are over, the top sixteen players will go on to compete for a combined prize packages worth over RMB 300,000 ($45,000), with the top player taking home RMB 200,000 ($30,000).

The games, hosted by the Mahjong International League (MIL), and the Chengdu Wanda Cultural Tourism City, and co-hosted by Ourgame International Holdings Limited, are an international competition of Chinese local rules known in the West as Bloody Mahjong. In this style of mahjong, after the first player has a winning hand and has been paid his due, the remaining players continue to battle it out until only one player remains who has not assembled a winning hand.

Players taking the oath for fair and honest play.

Photographs courtesy of the Mahjong International League.


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