Sichuan Bloody Mahjong
Group photo at SBR Moscow Open 2018.

MOSCOW, Russia - Last week of July 2018 Moscow hosted SBR Moscow Open. That was third in Europe official mahjong tournament of Sichuan Bloody Rules (SBR). The winner is Elena Turlina. Runner-up is Pavel Anokhin, 3rd place is taken by Tatyana Goptareva. Only twelve players from Moscow and Moscow region took part in this one-day 5-session tournament.

Left to right: Tatyana Goptareva (3rd), Elena Turlina (winner) and Pavel Anokhin (2nd).

Final Results of the SBR Moscow Open 2018 (SBR, non-MERS), Moscow

Place Player MP
1 Elena Turlina 206
2 Pavel Anokhin 196
3 Tatyana Goptareva 180
4 Irina Lavrenyuk 151
5 Tamara Panina 147
6 Dmitriy Turlin 127
7 Andrey Chichigin 122
7 Natalya Chichigina 122
9 Anton Artamonov 118
10 Arslan Mandzhiev 74
11 Veronika Filyushkina 66
12 Miron Krylov -9
Overview of the tournament hall.

Explanation of Sichuan Bloody Mahjong rules


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