Lili (right in dark clothing) celebrates with his friends.

Beijing student Li-Li won his title during the World Mahjong Championship 2007 in Chengdu, China. The final of the WMC was a great party for the student of Tsinghua university in Beijing. Mobbed by his friends and other mahjong players, he shook hands with everybody who was standing near to him, and many players had his picture taken, preferably with themselves standing next to the new world champion. Yet, the final of ‘Chengdu 2007’ was a strange one. Not all of his competitors agreed with the course of events. Two years later, on the eve of the OEMC 2009 in Austria, Mahjong News reconstructs what happened.

Concentrated bystanders during the Final of the World Championship 2007.

CHENGDU - Final Results of the World Mahjong Championship 2007.

Together with his wife Dicky, Martin Rep, editor of Mahjong News, participated in the World Mahjong Championship in Emei Shan, Chengdu, China, in November 2007. He kept an on line diary of his Chinese adventure.