Linghua Jiao (China)

UTRECHT, the Netherlands - Linghua Jiao from China is the new World Mahjong Champion. Runner-up is Olivier Boivin from France, third prize is for Elisabeth Frischenschlager from Austria.

Linghua Jiao singing.

During the closing ceremony of the World Mahjong Championship 2010, the new world champion Linghua Jiao sings the Chinese hymn ‘My China’. All this and more in Mahjong News’s e-book about the WMC 2010.

Marianne Croeze during the award ceremony.

UTRECHT - The Chinese team has won the country classification of the World Mahjong Championship 2010. Runner-up is France, third prize for Denmark.

Anton Kösters

UTRECHT, the Netherlands - A talk with Dutch mahjong player and analyst Anton Kösters about the just finished World Mahjong Championship. Mr. Kösters is the most experienced international mahjong player in Europe and writes columns about mahjong for the Dutch ‘Mahjong Magazine’.

Day 1 of the WMC 2010. Left referee Anders Labich.

UTRECHT - Five years ago, the first major tournament with the Mahjong Competition Rules was organized in Europe. A lot of tournaments have been held since that Open European Mahjong Championship 2005. Yet, it is still the Chinese who rule on the World Mahjong Championship 2010. Will Europe ever bridge the gap?