World Championship MCR 2012

Reports of the World Mahjong Championship (MCR) 2012 in Chongqing, China. With kind cooperation of Adrie van Geffen, Jeroen Meijer, Wil-Meijer-Kal and Lars Therkelsen.


CHONGQING - In the World Mahjong Championship, all sessions have been played. Follows the final ranking.

CHONGQING - The final Country Ranking of the World Mahjong Championship. 

Duan Yanbin

CHONGQING - The World Mahjong Championship has become a huge success for the Chinese. Chinese player Duan Yanbin is the new world mahjong champion. The top-six places in the final ranking are all occupied by Chinese players.

Henrik Leth

Henrik Leth was one of the two European referees during the World Mahjong Championship, last month in Chongqing; the other one was his fellow-countryman Jesper Nøhr. After his first busy week home, he finally has the time to answer a number of questions. About the talking at the tables, the wrongly discarded Bamboo 1 tile, people staying away and the ‘Danish system’ during the final.

The party is over: the World Mahjong Championship 2012 is finished. Mahjong News correspondent Wil Meijer-Kal reports from a noisy and crowded room.

Lars Therkelsen

The World Mahjong Championship is about to begin. Danish player Lars Therkelsen reports, on behalf of Mahjong News correspondent Wil Meijer-Kal, about the opening ceremony. “We love you!”