Top-3 players of the first World Riichi Mahjong Championship get full attention of the cameras.

PUTEAUX, France - The final standings of the World Riichiu Mahjong Championship 2014.


Hiroshi Yamai talks with Mahjong News’s Scott D. Miller. Jenn Barr interprets.

PUTEAUX, France - Mahjong News interviews The first ever World Champion of Riichi Mahjong, Hiroshi Yamai.


The final of the World Riichi Championship 2014.

PUTEAUX, France - The Japanese Professional Mahjong League JPML has posted a video of the final hanchan of the World Riichi Mahjong Championship.

Concentration at and around the final table.

The final of the first World Championship lasted for more than two hours. Mahjong News reporter Martin Rep watched and wondered.

Mahjong-selfie by Martin Rep during his speech for the WRC 2014.

PUTEAUX/PARIS – It is a strange thing to be in a mahjong tournament and only having to care about the game. No interviews, no reports to write, no results to care about. Yesterday evening, I was invited by organizers Valérian and Quentin Tomas to say a few words during the opening of the World Riichi Championship. I seized the occasion to announce that, after the WRC, I will retire as the editor-in-chief of Mahjong News.